Thank you for taking the time to stop by. If you've ended up here I imagine you are a fellow Nurse Medic or are close to one. 

About a decade before I made the move to medicine I designed logos and assisted other businesses with advertising media. While I was attending the Nursing Program at Tyler Junior College in Texas and growing closer to graduation I began to search for some way to mark this special occation, this accomplishment I had worked so hard for. I found nothing. I searched high and low and evidently Nurse Medics are a fairly new breed. 

We're educated providers who bring all that PTSD, *cough* I mean, "experience", with us. lol. 

I don't want to forget where I came from. I LOVE EMS and the brothers and sisters in it. Nursing was an opportunity to grow academically and, well, frankly financially as well. 

As a naturally prideful creature I felt a patch representing the merge woud be a nice representation of the achievement. So I researched the origin of the crosses and the staffs and built a new cross. 

And TaDa! we have a respectable symbol!

I hope you enjoy it,

And thank you for your service!